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[Podcasts] Allow podcast playing on 3rd party apps

[Podcasts] Allow podcast playing on 3rd party apps

Judging by ideas that have been waiting since 2016, like this one [Podcasts] Automatically save offline new Podcasts... - Page 27 - The Spotify Community , and on my own experience, you suck at providing podcasts. The interface and functionality just is not there.


I use Podcast Addict myself, and I swear to God I won't move from it unless you give me everything it has. And you are NOT.


I understand that you want me to pay the premium to listen to the exclusive podcasts, and you want to make money from your 100 million deal with Rogan. But this is not the way. There are such things as RSS feeds that require authentication. You can provide that for your exclusives, and allow me to add that feed to Podcast Addict, logging in with my Spotify credentials. I will still be paying you to listen to the exclusives, but I will be able to listen on MY terms.


And here is the thing, even if you were to implement tomorrow all the features that people want, you will not succeed. There's a reason why there are hundreds of podcast apps out there, and it's because everyone has different preferences and needs. If you were to allow us to listen to your exclusives on whatever app matches our taste, everyone would be happy, you would still make the same money, and the world would be a better place.


Meanwhile, I am quite unhappy with this side of your business, and I just don't listen to any of those exclusive podcasts that cost so much money to acquire. Please, if not for our sake, at least do it for your own business interest. 

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If I could vote this up 100 times I would!


I love podcasts and they have their place that's just not mixed in with my spotify music which is why I'll also mention this thread about podcasts episodes in the app.

Give me back my music homepage and let me use my choice of podcast app. Do these things and I'd happily pay a higher subscription for that option.

As of right now I just stop listening to any podcast that goes Spotify only :o(



Also thanks for the mention of Podcast Addict. The only way to listen ;o)

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