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Podcasts added to queue even though I unfollowed everything

Podcasts added to queue even though I unfollowed everything

Besides the fact that Spotify's queue was conceived by lump on a bench in the park, it doesn't even respect when I follow or unfollow something.


Here's what happened:

1. Subscribed to a couple podcasts

2. Listened to 1, marked as played when finished

3. Add 2 albums to my queue, enable shuffle+repeat

4. Start playback

5. 5 songs in, all of the sudden I'm listening to a podcast

6. Search the forums and find out that Spotify's queue is a problem

7. Unsubscribe from all podcasts within Spotify (in hopes that it will only play music now)

8. See every podcast episode from my JUST REMOVED podcasts still in the queue

9. Remove all the podcast episodes from my queue using the excruciating process that should have a "clear all" option (hundreds of episodes...)

10. Podcast episodes keep reappearing in the queue and shuffling into my music playlists, even when I hit the remove button they IMMEDIATELY reappear in my queue!!!!!!!


Why on earth would you keep adding podcasts to my queue when I have 1) removed them and 2) don't follow ANY podcasts within Spotify? This is insane, who came up with this functionality and thought it was actually something useful?

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