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Podcasts in Spotify on Android won't play anymore

Podcasts in Spotify on Android won't play anymore

Plan - Premium 

Country - Australia 

Device - OnePlus 5T

Operating System - Android 10


My Question or Issue

I used to be able to play podcasts on Spotify on my Android phone but lately it either plays an ad over and over again or part of the content over and over again. i.e. 

 I can't play any podcast from start to finish.


The other day I fully reset and reinstalled everything on my phone, so it has nothing to do with the app, cache, and downloads on my particular phone.


I suspect it has something to do with the ad system. While it's annoying that there are ads in podcasts when I'm a paying subscriber, I think whatever system you've got in place has made podcasts unplayable.


At this point I think Spotify should spin podcasts off into a separate price tier and those are us who are sick of it being broken, will simply not pay extra for podcast functionality, but will enjoy our music for a few dollars less per month.

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Hey @andreasremdt,


Thanks for the additional info.


In this case, can you please check with your device manufacturer for any specific settings (like battery or memory optimization) that might be affecting the normal functioning of the Spotify app?


Let us know how it goes.

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I have a similar issue.

The workaround i found was to go to phone settings, fiind the spotify app and use force stop. This is not a fix but it seems to fix it for a while.

Hope it helps.

It's definitely a software update issue - spotify or a android update. 

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