[Podcasts] remove joe rogan podcast

[Podcasts] remove joe rogan podcast

Joe Rogan spreads disinformation on many subjects. Please don't end his contract as soon as possible. I am considering cancelling my subscription to Spotify because of him.

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Or at least let me remove it from my Spotify suggestions. I don’t know what I listen to that makes Spotify think I would enjoy being misled.

I agree with you. Please SPOTIFY, you can´t dodge this: make him stick to the rules (in regards to Covid & vaccination information) or kick him off! I hate the fact that Spotify is trying the same thing as Facebook and youtube: pretend all the filth has nothing do to with you while making lots of money by providing the platform. 

If Spotify doesnt want to be dragged into culture wars (that are now global, thanks to Covid and social media) then don´t give $100m of my money to rightwing agitators. 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. If you like censorship you are "free" to move to China or North Korea, we in the free world like making up our mind on our own.

Remove joe rogan IMMEDIATELY and restore Neil Young

The censorship happened when Spotify signed this deal.  Before, Rogan was on YouTube, PocketCasts, and other platforms.  Not anymore.  Spotify decreased his reachable audience the second they signed him to this deal.

roughan has taken too many kicks to the head. How can Spotify allow Joni Mitchell, one of America's greatest poets to  be taken from the site. Forget my premium membership renewal. Cater to the liars and **bleep**!


Please, please REMOVE Joe Rogan! I know you all just spent a ton of money on him, but he is not someone you should be associated with. He spreads hate and disinformation! I just signed up for Spotify at the suggestion of my son, and we are ALL going to quit Spotify if you do not do whatever it takes to get HATE SPEECH off of your platform. I really like premium Spotify, and it will be a sacrifice to ditch it. I have until the 20th of Feb when my next bill is due, and if Rogan isn't gone or at least muzzled  by then, we are gone. I can't believe you would have someone like that even on your platform.

Just cancel Spotify. Their only endgame is money and (now) countering bad PR. There's plenty of alternatives out there.

oh...the righteous savior!!! thank god you are here to save the world by eliminating misinformation!
world will be a better place from now on, with you keeping watch on this subjects!
please... you and the few hundred people who liked this post, can just cancel subscription if you cant stand freedom of speech, equal rights, etc.
I think the 20 million people who listen to joe rogan podcast vs the 200 people who are like you... is not a difficult math problem.
it should make you think also... 😉

What you're asking is censorship and it's wrong. If you don't like Joe Rogan or disagree with him then go somewhere else. The "misinformation" he is supposedly spreading is just fact-based opinions that you don't happen to agree with. It's called freedom of speech and this is America. If you don't like it, leave.

She removed herself.


please stop forcing his horrible sneering podcast face into my spotify. I do not want to see the face of somebody who actively dehumanises me in my spotify with no way to remove or hide it. PLEASE your contract with him is removing your humanity. It is obvious you have signed some clause where you prioritise pushing his agenda into all of our faces, beyond your usual algorithm. I have never struggled with such a persistent presence of something unwanted before. Screw you spotify for degrading your own morals. Just let me hide his damned face.

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