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Podcasts won't play on the webplayer

Podcasts won't play on the webplayer




United States



Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Lately I haven't been able to listen to podcast on the webplayer. I can listen to them on my mobile device. They had worked previously be about 2 months ago they stopped working. Anytime I try to play a podcast a red bar appears at the top of my screen that says Oops ... something went wrong. I have to reload the page before I am able to play music again. Playing music works fine, it is only podcasts that have an issue. 

5 Replies

Hi there


That has happened to me before too. What I would try is first try different podcasts and see if that message appears on all. If it does try siging out restarting your computer or if you can download the app. Also, try clearing your cookies that sometimes helps

Hope that helps

Please like I am trying to get rockstar ( it would mean alot)

Best of luck, Ethan

(if you need any more help be sure to direct message me or reply)

I just reread your question and I think it would fix it if you download the spotify desktop app or download it from the microsoft store

I wish I could download the app. It is a work computer so I am unable to use that option. 

Hey Ethan, thanks for your help so far. Unfortunatly those ideas didn't work. It is causing the issue with all podcasts. Also once I get the error I have to sign into my mobile app and change from a podcast to a song or else the web player keeps trying to play the podcast and causes the error again. 

I am so sorry about that


I wish I could help more



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