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Premium get ads

Premium get ads


I am premium user mainly because I dislike ad breaks and happy pay the monthly fee to avoid it. Therefore Im highly surprised that ad breaks is actually going on in podcasts. That is not what I paid for. I know there are sponsors to be mentioned in some podcasts, but that is different, often its  just a fast mention in a sideline and most of times a part of the talk and not disturbing as much as an annoying ad break. What happens is that the pod breaks for a high produced ad, the volume goes up and most of times the add is out of context. It’s annoying and also something I actually paid for to avoid. The podcast I think of is mainly one called Kompaniet. there are others to be mentioned like, Alex o Sigge podcast, who make ridiculous long sponsor talks aprox 10-15 min in total. I think Spotify need to have clear guidelines here, time, type, amount and approach. right now its more of a lawless scamish feeling for us who pay for no ads but still get overrun by them. It dosent make any sense to pay for the service then?   

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Same problem with Dutch podcasts. They put ads in themselves, so we pay for Spotify don't get ads anymore from them but now we get ads from the podcasts. Not something I am willing to pay for

Hey folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome. We moved your post from Chats to help boards as its content fits better here.


Podcasts usually include some advertising added by the creator or the platform to support the podcaster. This has been the case since the early days of podcasts, and continues to be true today, including on Spotify. Therefore, even as a Premium user, you may receive advertising or sponsored messages when playing a podcast.


Note that as a Premium subscriber, you still enjoy an ad-free music listening experience.


Hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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Again even if, I pay for ad free no matter what, and what you say about the music was just a brain fart (i guess, as i pay for ad free for that too). It dosent make any sense to pay for ad free if it isnt ad free, the reason to go premium is to have it complete ad free, thats the basic foundation of premium…or am I wrong? To be sponsored as a podcast is something else but to have strict produced ads is totally against the agreement of premium no matter what tradition blabla excuse Spotify brings in. If you have problems of how to solve the economics with the podcasters on Spotify is really not the premium users problem as we pay for ad free..its your problem as you choose to provide podcasts I never asked for it, there are other free platforms for it with ads. Thats fine as it is for free I cant put any demands at all. So tell me; what is the purpose to pay for something that you dont provide instead of listen to it free somewhere else? Is this really your best crm to screw paying subscribers off due to some made up podcast culture excuse? 

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