Premium not recognized on Boxee

Premium not recognized on Boxee

I have a premium account that is working fine on my Android phone and iPad, but when I attempt to log in to my Boxee then I get this message: "Spotify on Boxee requires a Premium subscription. Please upgrade on" Ideas?
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Hi CHARLi3WHiSK3Y- Welcome to the Community!


What's happened here is you've made a duplicate account while integrating with Facebook. It's this duplicate that has been upgraded to the 48 hour Premium trial--not your 'crystal.waters' account. 


Just log into the Spotify app on your Android with your 'crystal.waters' username (not your email address). Your 48 hour trial will start and you can give it a try on Boxee. 




I am having the same problem.

Have Premium account, but will not login with my facebook account, or even my Device username...

Any idear?

Works ok on my Android device...

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