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Problem Spotify connect and Heos


Problem Spotify connect and Heos

My Spotify account don't connect with my Heos speakers. If I log in to my husbands account it works but not with my account. Both are premium family accounts. Doesn't matter which device I use.

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Did a restart on speakers and router, now it works 👍

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I've been testing and realized that it's only the Heos Home cinema that isn't working with Spotify Connect. I can't see it at all. When I group other Heos speakers the whole group disappears from Spotify Connect. Only in my account. It works fine for my husband's account.
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Did a restart on speakers and router, now it works 👍

Heos and Spotify should cut the **bleep**.

I have had my Heos for over a year and everything was working smoothly with Spotify. In November, a Heos update scrambled the whole thing. Spotify works now randomly, sometimes yes, sometimes no. 

I tried everything. reboot, re-install, switch off, plug off. Called Denon, stayed with them more than an hour on the phone (from Switzerland to the US). The final answer was: if everything works (deezer etc...) apart from Spotify, then it's a Spotify problem. We can't help.

They know PRETTY WELL that Spotify/Heos doesn't work anymore like it used to be. I advise anyone NOT TO BUY Heos from Denon. Don't misunderstand me, I like pretty much their sound, I have 2 Heos 7 and 2 Heos 5. But the connection to Spotify DOES NOT WORK. I also tried Tidal and Qobuz. Same problem. The radios work (any platform from with Heos works).

They just wouldn't be honest about it.

My turn around? plug in an ipad with the jack. There it works. But with wifi ? No.



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