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Problem downloading music and playing it offline.

Problem downloading music and playing it offline.






Samsung S8

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I'm having a problem downloading music on my phone, new songs I put in playlists that I have downloads turned on for will just shown the grey "pending download" symbol and sit there doing nothing. And none of my songs that appear to be downloaded will play offline. When I try to download more music I get a "you've discovered a premium feature" notification (despite having premium already) which does nothing when I tap it.

I always have around 3-5 gigabytes of free space on my phone at any time, so storage space isn't an issue.

My only guess is that there's some limit on Spotify downloads I don't know of, I have just around 10,000 songs downloaded spread across around 20 playlists that I all use at least semi-regularly. (I listen to a lot of different genres.)

If that is the case, I find it just a tad stupid that I as a pretty long time paying customer am unable to download the music I want when I have the storage space to do so.

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