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Problem scrobbling to last f,

Problem scrobbling to last f,

Since some week i experience some trouble scrobbling from spotify web player (Chrome) to Last FM. Can someone help me understand why it does not work? I've tried to disconnect and reconnect my account multiple times. No results.

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I've escalated this ongoing issue since I'm experiencing it myself too so hopefully this gets a quick solution.

@el_pinta Just to clarify, is this only happening with Chrome, have you tried other browsers?

yes, only with Chrome. I have not tried with other browsers

@el_pinta would you please try with other broswers? Let me know how this works.

It appears the option to scrobble to has been removed from the Chrome web player (the web player has been redesigned - I'll save that for another thread). None of the songs I have listened to today are showing up.

I will try and let you know

I don't think that scrobbling from Chrome was disabled. It scrobbles but it appears to me that you have to stay on the web player panel and after an ad you have to stop and play the track if the player does not upadate itself automatically.

I've been having similar problems w/ Chromium on Debian Linux. Your observations seem to agree with some of the behavior I have seen.


  • I believe that if you keep the web player window active, scrobbles work (I haven't confirmed this, but have noticed it happening from time to time)
  • I've also noticed that the title in the tab does not seem to update correctly if you do not have the web player tab active
  • Running w/ Iceweasel (Debian's build of Firefox) it was able to scrobble correctly multiple times while not the active tab or window


Is there a solution to this? I noticed that's the issue, unless I keep the window with the player visible it'll not update it and therefore it'll not scrobble. I know there's an option for Google Chrome that I think that, once active, it keeps all tabs active all the time at the cost of more RAM usage. I'll try to search for it again and see if it yields any results.



I tried disabling tab discarding but it didn't work, rip.

Hi! @billyrush - Have you successfully managed to scrobble on the desktop app or through another device? Were you connected to Last FM via the web player before the update? Keep us posted.


@el_pinta, thanks for the update. Just to check, are you on the latest version of the web player? Can you scrobble on the web player through a different browser without any hiccups?


@helmespc and @ephipdere, thanks for the further info!


We’d recommend logging into via the desktop app, too. Let us know how it goes.



Hi Jack, i think i'm on the latest version of the web player, but i'm not completely sure. How can i check it? I've tried to scrobble on Edge and seems to me that it works better than on Chrome.

@JackS Thank you for responding. I'm able to scrobble on the desktop app. Last week, I was able to scrobble using the Internet Explorer web player, but I'm not able to today (by the way, the IE web player isn't updated, at least on my work PC). I was able to scrobble via the Chrome web player before the update.

Same problem here.


Using the web player on a Chromebook, so evidently Chrome is the only option for me. As others have noted, the scrobbling feature has been removed from the web player and the Chrome extension doesn't pick up the tracks anymore.

same problem:

  • chrome user
  • was logged into my account and scrobbling fine before update, haven't been able to get it to work (even with the chrome extension) since.
  • I'm a subscriber, I'm not sure if that effects it at all but I saw that some people were commenting on using ads to troubleshoot the problem - I haven't found a solution yet.
  • Can't use the desktop app because of security on my work laptop.

Only occurred after the update took away the options on the web player, no issues before then.

Hey folks!


Thanks for getting back to us, we really appreciate the info.


Just to check, do you use Spotify on any other devices?

If so can you try to enable scrobbling under Spotify's Settings > Social >, from another device such as your mobile/the desktop app?


Once that's done, select a track to play from the web player - (your alternate device should recognize that you're now playing music elsewhere so you can click continue).


Do your tracks now scrobble from the web player, via your other device? We'd like to know it this does the trick so that we can keep checking things out.


Keep us in the loop and thanks again for working through this with us.



I am also having this problem; I have premium and generally use Chrome. If I listen on my phone, Spotify scrobbles properly, but if I listen on the web player, it does not scrobble.

the same problem here, using web player (chrome, firefox), wont scrobble, in settings cant find button to control


desktop app is ok

I use spotify on mobile, scrobbles without a problem, and as a desktop app on a different device, scrobbles without problem - all on the same account as the webplayer, but scrobbling still does not work for the webplayer function.

I have this same problem, but with Firefox and since the update of Spotify Web Player. 😕

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