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Problem streaming wirelessly to Roberts Stream 93i


Problem streaming wirelessly to Roberts Stream 93i

Hi, I recently purchased a Roberts iStream 93i and ever since have had intermitent problems with being able to stream music via Spotify.

It seems to work occasionally without issue but then for no apparent reason when I try to do so, the display on both the radio, or on the ConnectR app on my phone shows 'Waiting for users'


I've tried various solutions - factory resets, making sure my Spotify app is up to date, unplugging the radio etc but this still seems to be an issue. The internet radio is working absolutely fine so I'm confident this is not an issue with my internet connection. I can also connect Spotify from my phone to other devices (Ipad or Ipod) without issue.


Any suggestions very welcome because this is very frustrating given that this function was one of the key reasons in choosing the particular radio.


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I just downloaded the lasted Roberts Radio firmware update and everything is working now as expected.
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Thanks Tony. That solution worked for me too.

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