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Problem with next song.

Problem with next song.

I am really unhappy with spotify in these days. After update you added something called autoplay next content and from this period of time i can not use spotify propertly, if i am in my favourite song library next song is not from my library ! I turn off this function and not helped, i reinstall application and not helped. I will cancel subscribtion if this will be not resolved. Next, all your end of year sumary and playlist not working, we try to share our 2022 end of year playlist with friends and family, and when i send my end of year playlist my brother see his own songs not my, on his side same like me (he share his playlist and i see my... can not copy normal way song must type each song from each friend separatly)
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Hey @mutantgama,

Sorry to see you feel this way!

Could you let us know what the device you're currently using is (as well as its OS version)?

We know you've already tried a new installation, but what I'd suggest is a complete clean reinstall, as this will scrub all data related to Spotify from your device.
If the issue continues to persist after that, it would be a good idea to log in from another mobile device to see if it's account-related.


And for your second question - the Wrapped playlist is for personal viewing only and it only shows your own listening activities. Even if someone else sends you theirs, your own will get displayed instead.
A workaround for this would be to Ctrl+A & Ctrl+C all the songs from the playlist to another playlist from a desktop device.
This will select all songs and copy them to your clipboard. You will then be able to Ctrl+V (paste) them in a new playlist that will be viewable to everyone you share it with.


Hope this helps, we'll be on the lookout for your response 🙂

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