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Problems with Facebook Login

Problems with Facebook Login

I am a Spotify Premium user.  I'm currently using a chromebook and found that my spotify had logged out.  When I went to log in through my Facebook account, it said it was wrong.  I've checked it from every angle and it is not wrong.  I would really love for this to be resolved, there is a reason I pay for this service.

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Make sure you're logging in with your Username + Password not Email Address + Password. Let me know if this helps.

Still not working.

Let's try this one, I'm quoting theoneva.


Make sure the email address you use to log into facebook is the same when you enter it into Spotify. Also the password you use to log into facebook is the password for Spotify. Don't try to log in using facebook. Enter your email/password manually and see if that works


If that's not working you can try this.


Delete Spotify App in your Facebook App Settings:


Then Connect Spotify with your Facebook Account again.

Ok, I deleted it from Facebook, reinstalled it, got all the way through the reinstatement and it threw me out and said that my username/password was incorect again.


The manual entry of email and username are still not working as well.

Let's try this one, enter your Facebook username and password in the standard sign-in fields instead. If that's not working make sure you don't have Adblock or Ghostery extensions enabled.

Addblock disabled.  Still a no.  Same reasons.

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We'd recommend you get in touch with us via this contact form.

You can also find us on Twitter with the @SpotifyCares handle.

Give us a shout out, we'll be happy to help 🙂

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