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Problems with Samsung multiroom playback


Problems with Samsung multiroom playback

I am having a lot of problems with playback via the samsung multiroom speakers (wam751 and wam 250), the music is interrupted many many times, almost like there is some buffering problem, yet I can get playback from other services on the same network


The speakers are on 2006.6 firmware

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Did anyone noticed an improvement today? Suddenly I was able to listen for around 30 minutes to Spotify without interruption...?

Yes indeed, I also listened for almost one hour without any interuption (had to turn it off). Fingers crossed that it’s better and we hopefully can listen without interuption!

Oh my... 30 minutes... It is hard to call it an improvement! I feel your pain. 😞

:-)...still an improvement! I had to stop it this afternoon. I am starting it right now and run it overnight...let's see what happens!

Last night I started a playlist of around 12 hours of music and it ran for 9 hours and 3 minutes. Then it stopped...No reason found why it stopped. WIFI and Samsung speakers stayed online and up and running...

I had to reset and reconnect an M7 shape speaker on friday. After doing that it played spotify connect without interuption for 6 hours. Not sure if it's related but it still works here. 

I've contacted Customer support and they offered me to run tests with a test account. Unfortunately the account was being used by someone else as well, so it switched over to another device. I've run a test on my own account this weekend and it kept playing for over 13 hours on my Samsung M7's. The interesting part is that I have reset any of the applications and/or devices. Haven't changed anything to my setup and suddenly it works again. Anyone else still experiencing issues....?

Good to hear issues seem to be resolved for some people. Will test my own setup when I get home tonight, will report back here if it works again.

I've seen a very important typo in my message earlier....I have NOT reset any of my devices recently!


So to summarize my experience: I've used my Samsung M7's in stereo setup for 2 years without any issues with Spotify. Around 2 or 3 weeks ago the issue (stop playing Spotify after very short period) appeared out of the blue. In the beginning of troubleshooting I've reset the M7's/uninstalled apps etc. etc. but it didn't help at all..

But as sudden as it appeared, it also suddenly disappeared. Spotify tells me that there weren't any issues with Spotify Connect...(which I really doubt).


Are there any others still experiencing the issue or am I just lucky...?

Just tried again. And nope, issue isn't solved. Happened again the first song I played...


Also seems to be solved on my side since end of last week. Disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. I haven't changed anything on my side either: no reset or reconfiguration.


When I asked the Spotify support if they had any info from technical team, they just answered me that "the problem should be solved now".

I don't know if this is an acknowledgement that there was an issue on their side, or just an easy and usual answer from their mail templates to end a discussion, though ^^

Can't wait for YouTube music, seems really promising, fed up with this - the connect feature is littered with bugs. It can be fussy connecting to Chromecast also. YouTube music can't come soon enough for me.

The problem made a reappearance on all my Multiroom Speakers again today, with the addition of a new problem. When the speaker is selected from Spotify Connect playback of the song starts but the playback on the Multiroom Speaker is too fast. The pitch of the song is shifted as it is playing in "fastforward". After a while the playback stops and the speaker disconnects. Back to square one again.

The fastforward thing is a different issue. Can be solves by going to settings, and set streaming quality to "high", instead of to "automatic" which is default. Disconnect from your speaker first, otherwise you can't change that setting. That worked for me. It occasionally still fastforwards when I initially connect to the speaker, but restarting the song rectifies that.

Selecting the streaming quality in the settings of Spotify does not affect the streaming quality of Spotify Connect devices. These devices stream directly from Spotify at a set quality, independent of the phone app.


The solution to the fast-forward issue appears to be to disable "Audio Prompt" in the settings of Samsung Multiroom (Settings > Advanced Settings > Audio Prompt On/Off). If enabled the song plays in fast-forward after the prompt. Disabling the prompt solved the issue.

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