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Problems with Samsung multiroom playback


Problems with Samsung multiroom playback

I am having a lot of problems with playback via the samsung multiroom speakers (wam751 and wam 250), the music is interrupted many many times, almost like there is some buffering problem, yet I can get playback from other services on the same network


The speakers are on 2006.6 firmware

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Nothing to do with IOS or Android.

I have the same Problem from Windows....

Only on my soundbar. If I play Spotify on on another speaker and then I group it with the Sounbar works everything fine. Only the Soundbar is giving that problem.

As of October 11, 2017 I subscribed to Spotify and the problem appeared immediately.

So subscribed to Spotify is not a good idea?
2 x M5
1 x M3
1 x R1
1 x WAM 250 HUB
1 x WAM 270 LinkMate

Hi everyone,


I have 2x R1 Speakers and i am also having a lot of problems with music playback and interruptions like a buffering problem. I have found this thread and I see now that I have been trying most of what everyone as also tried (Unpluging / Reseting / switching wifi channel or frequency) without answering the problem.


Does somebody know a solution to those problems ?


Why isn't there a direct anwser from spotify for this as it seems we are many customers meeting those problems and PAYING a monthly subscription ?

After reading all this andd seeing the lack of anwser from them I feel like I should change to another service like D**zer.




Same for me with 3 m5's and 1 M3...only started happening in the past few weeks but works fine when pairing up with tidal premium on a trial sub. I'm not at all happy that there isn't a single Samsung response in this thread, or Spotify either. Please if any one got any results please let us know how!

I have Samsung R1 WAM1500 and it just seems to drop off the wifi, I check Multiroom app and can connect to it fine and says its playing like a buffer is full but Spotify has actually stopped. I had it stop several times then completley drop off the wifi until I used Mode button on device to reconnect to wifi.


Not sure if this a Spotify or Samsung issue but the lack of Wifi configuration options on Samsungs device is difficult to actually diagnose what the issue is. I used a Ruckus R600 Access Point so no issue there!  As Samsung promote Spotify on its Multroom app you would think there would be some help from Samsung about this issue.

I suspect most of these issues stem from the way Samsung has implemented SpotifyConnect. But Multiroom was never very robust anyway. Could be either or both. Frustrating that they're both so tight-lipped about it.


My Soundbar and M5 will spontaneously explode to maximum volume when playing Spotify, deafening everyone for miles.

Samsung will not do much their application is surely not up to their priority, it is sold it is enough.

I've found a partial solution. In the living room i use the app on my TV. In the other rooms I've switched to Google Home speakers. Probably the most expensive solution, but Samsung and Spotify seem to be as far down as it's possible to be on the giveadamnometer

Sitting with exactly the same problem with Spotify Connect. Spotify support is useless and thinks I'm technically illiterate, advising me to unplug and reboot the system. Samsung blames Spotify in turn. The issue seems to be between the Samsung Multiroom and Android device. It randomly stops, disconnects or sputters even though it's not using all available internet bandwidth. Playing from the Windows app works without a hitch for me. I'm gonna give Spotify a month or two to come up with a solution to this problem before I'll switch to Deezer. Pretty sure it comes down to false advertising for both Spotify and Samsung to label the product as Spotify Connect capable even though it can't work reliably.

Hi all,

Count me in, same problem with multiroom speakers & spotify connect.

I can't play more then 5 songs in a row!

Tried now with deezer in same setup, plays already non stop for 3 hours!

Looks definitly a problem with spotify connect.


The problem seems to be back with me as well, reboot doesn't work... 

Also since a day or 3?

Reboot indeed doesn't solve anything

I experience exactly the same issue since a few days. The speakers randomly stop playing. Firmware of both M7 speakers, Multiroom app, iOS app, Windows app, Android app: everything is completely up to date. I've tried to reproduce the issue, but so far I have not found any logical explanation

I contacted spotify support.

They are investigatiing, already they create a new account, but problem is still the same.


I've two Samsung WAM6501 multiroom speakers and I've a similar problem and it affects both of them.

While playing Spotify on any of them it just randomly stops, often on the second song after connecting. When I press play again it starts at the start of the song that stopped (not at the position where it stopped). However sometimes it will refuse to play again - symbol briefly changes from play to pause but no music. Speaker firmware is 3117 and Spotify app is

Reboot  of phone usually works but it doesn't take long for the problem to happen again.

Massively frustrating as I expect a premium service when I am paying for it but this bug makes it unusable for me when at home because I tend to use my speakers. Spotify stop having a laugh and FIX IT!!!

Sadly I think Spotify and Samsung DGAF. Samsung speakers are alright, but mine are all but redundant now - it has taken them 3 years and they've still not got it working.

Eventually grew so fed-up with the nonchalant attitude of Spotify that I closed my account and moved to Deezer. Working perfectly without any connection issues for more than two weeks. I actually sent this thread to customer support to have a look at but they seemed uninterested in investigating the issue.

same problem here since a few days

It worked fine for sereral months

also send this thread to support, the are testing much different things but no solution!

the problem is 100% sure with spotify, deezer has no problem

I give them some time but is no solution, i'am afraid i have to swith too deezer permantly, altough i preffer spotify

hope they will check it at their side, and not always blame the costumer netwerk infrastructure.

i was a netwerk admin for several years with a large ISP, I'am 100% sure my network is fine


Maybe somebody can also the Solved flag on this thread, because it is far from solved

Having the same problem with Spotify. I have a 650 soundbar and just bought a R6 speaker, coming tomorrow and thinking of sending the thing straight back looking at this thread!


I even get the issue with playing music through my iPhone X via the MultiRoom app!! So frustrating for almost £600 worth of speakers - only bought the R6 so I could use MultiRoom and it doesn’t even work! WFT!


Anyone got any advice / suggestions / made any progress with Samsung / Spotify? 

This is the post that links to 'SOLVED'. This is clearly not solved, please remove the solved status so Spotify will continue to look at this thread. There are many more pages people with this issue, and no solution posted. 

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