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Problems with Samsung multiroom playback


Problems with Samsung multiroom playback

I am having a lot of problems with playback via the samsung multiroom speakers (wam751 and wam 250), the music is interrupted many many times, almost like there is some buffering problem, yet I can get playback from other services on the same network


The speakers are on 2006.6 firmware

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I’m also experiencing this very anoying bug. If its not fixed, I will close my spotify account as well. What a ridiculous bad support!


Not to be negative... By you should send it back. The R6... I have one and have lived with it for 2 years. The Spotify app and integration is the high point of this product. The ago that Samsung created is terrible. And mind you the Spotify app is defect!!

What I ended up doing is set up a Google Chrome audio whick is connected to a Bluetooth transmitter which transmits to the R6. Because the R6 does not even have a line in. With this setup I can stream and music service to the speaker... Currently using Deezer.


Possible Solution:


I’ve had some success in mitigating this problem. I used to have three devices with Spotify installed and signed in with my account on my local network (two phones and a tablet). I have since uninstalled the app on one phone and the tablet. Now there is only a single device signed in with my account and the Multiroom speaker on my network. It seems to operate without a hitch now. Maybe the problem is keeping more than one device in sync when using Spotify Connect with the Multiroom speaker. Anyone keen to try and see if it also resolves the problem for them?

I only have Spotify on my iPhone, so this can’t be the problem for me, but thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve read that the connection works better with the R6 and a second speaker connected through the MultiRoom app.

Trouble is, I already have the soundbar, so don’t want to give up, or I will have to buy a second brand MultiRoom setup, and have one in the living room with the soundbar. Jus seems a waste of a £500 speaker!

Yesterday all my (samsung) speakers suddenly disconnect.

After reconnecting them again they worked for several hours without drop.


My R6 speaker came. Suddenly everything works without a fault. Maybe the addition of a second speaker adds some sort of stability?

Adding a second speaker is not solving the problem at all. I have a soundbar and a speaker and still the samen problem.

Agree, I've got two R6 speakers, issue happens with both

I'm running stable on several speakers since yesterday
I have:
1xM3 (hard wired)
2xM7 (5Ghz wifi)
1xR3 (5Ghz wifi)
1xHW-j6500 (5Ghz wifi)

Try to hardwire your speaker & restart them (if available on the R6)
Open the samsung app & group your speakers if needed.
Open the Spotify app trough the samsung app & use Spotify connect to play.
To troubleshoot your speakers a lot info can be found on


No solution here! 

Please fix this issues, I even can’t listen two songs in a row...

Have the same problems using my Samsung R1 speaker with Spotify from my android phone.

It plays fine for the first 20 to 30 minutes or so, and then it randomly pauses in the middle of a song. And from that moment on it happens about every 1 or 2 songs... This is hugely annoying, to the point I'm no longer enjoying the music. 

This is the only way I listen music at home. If this doesn't get fixed, spotify is useless to me, and I will ditch Spotify for something that does work. Sorry to say, after a decade of using it happily. But this is just rediculous.

Also problems here in line with mentioned before.

After a couple of messages from Spotify customer support. This is the email I was left with...

“Thanks for getting back to us. Sorry to hear that you're still having issues connecting your Samsung Speaker to Spotify. We'll do our best to fix this right away.

Our best tech folks are still looking into this, sorry to keep you waiting. This is something we don't want you to experience with Spotify.

We understand this must be frustrating, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer before we've resolved the issue.

Thanks again for your patience, we really appreciate it.

Many thanks.”

Looks like we’re not getting any fix quick. I suggest we all email Spotify customer support. I simply sent the like to this thread and a brief Explanation of the issues I’ve been having. They did get back quite quickly but the more people do it the more seriously they will take the issue. And then hopefully find a fix.

That’s what I did as well, I received exactly the same answer. I agree with you that we have to create as many tickets as people facing this issue. Please create a ticket, and maybe it helps getting more priority to this issue.

I have exactly the same problem. Chatting with the support team atm. How is that the issue is marked as solved?

Because this issue seems to have returned looking at the amount of replies in this topic. Power cycle was the solution for me over a year ago. Doestn work anymore...

Same issue here! Sometimes my M7's play several songs (maximum of around 5 or 6), but mostly it stops with 2/3 songs. What I noticed is that I can not start the song where it stopped. It always skips to the next song... I've contacted customer support, but no reply yet. You can contact customer support here:

Hi there!


I don't think it is specific to Samsung devices, but generic to the "Spotify Connect" protocol.

I have the same issue with a Pioneer N50-A (music pausing randomly, while no connectivity issue and while app without "Connect" streams flawlessly).


I agree with people saying it is something which has returned. I had the same kind of issues a year ago, and after months of useless discussions with Spotify, it happened to work.

I now have the same issue again for about 1 week. (so after 1 year of flawless usage)


However, needless to say that my previous experience with their support was a disaster (I made multiple constructive and tecnically detailed reports, which were not read, they asked me multiple times the same info I had already given with much details, and couldn't reach a technical person on Spotify side... Only facing generic and unrelevant pre-made answers)


I'm not optimistic :'(

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