Problems with Web Player after latest Chrome update

Problems with Web Player after latest Chrome update


Has anyone else had issues with the Web Player after the latest Chrome update? I'm on a Lenovo Chromebook, and two things have been happening. 1) Songs stop playing in the middle like they're buffering, but the internet is fine (works at full speed with everything else). 2) Songs skip before they're finished. It's like I'm pressing the "next" button, but I'm not. 


Anyway, like I said, this has been happening since the latest Chrome update, which was at the beginning of May.

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Same, since the chrome update i cannot listen to spotify in the web app. The play and skip buttons do not work, and if i choose one song, it appers to be playing but the player stays in 0:00. It is strange as in the last few days I've been able to listen to songs; however, when I choose one song, the song continously stops (as if my internet cannot download the song), and sometimes when the song finishes (like 20 minutes for 1 song), i can listen to other songs (with no stops). Sadly, most of the times the player crashes, and I have to repeat the process.

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