Problems with Windows Phone 8 app


Problems with Windows Phone 8 app


Recently Spotify keeps going "offline" on my Windows Phone 8. It also does something to my phone so my phone can't connect to my email accounts. Another friend of mine with a Windows 8 Phone is having the same problem. Any idea what is going on?

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Hi folks I'm wondering if you can help as I'm having similar problems.

I'm have a Nokia Lumia 520 with an SD card with plenty space but my mobile obviously using Windows 8 won't sync and I can only guess that its trying to sync to the actual phone memory and not the SD card. Is it possible to somehow save my offline playlists to my SD card.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.



Non-microsoft apps can't write to SD cards in Windows Phone 8 so Spotify must save all data on internal storage I'm afraid.

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Good to know it leaves space for other apps.. I was always worried about that.


For me it didn't. still can not play anything. After reintalling, even my offline files are gone, can't even listen to those, neither can I sync them again....


Same problem with Nokia Lumina 520. Both Wifi and 4G




I have Lumia 1020. My spotify app worked just fine. Then I updated my account to premium and after that spotify on my phone says that "Spotify is not on network" or "spotify is offline" It seems very odd becouse if I choose one of my playlists and make it offline. It works and I can play those songs. But I cannot browse and use search capabilities on my spotify app in the phone.


How does it work

- I can add songs from my own playlists to offline use. It will syncronize and I can play those songs

- I can play those songs which are in my own playlists even if those are not syncronized to phone. So there cannot be any network problems in phone

- I can´t search new songs / artists from spotify -> it just says that "spotify is offline" or "spotify is not accessible", but still I can play songs from my own playlists that are not syncronized to my phone.


What I have already tried.

- reinstall software in the phone > it start working but went back offline after 2 minutes

- remove phone from offline devices and add it back again > no results

- use only wifi -> no results

- use only 3G/4G -> no results


Spotify Software version is 4.0.5385.29845

Phone software is Lumia Cyan (Windows Phone 8.1)


Any explanations and solutions why my spotify app stopped working correctly after I updated to premium account?


I cannot see my phone in Spotify on the computer.  I am on the same network, so not sure if I should plug it in via USB?

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It's not possible to see Windows Phone in Desktop app.


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I have the exact same problem. It's driving me crazy. I'm about to cancel my premium subscription if I can't get this resolved because what's the point if I can't play music in my car. 

Does anyone have a solution other than @#&*(@ reinstalling the app? Yes I've done that.... many times. 

I can't download spotify i my nokia 1320

I am having this problem. When I am on a wifi connection, I am fine. But when I use 4G /3G LTE connection, I am always offline.


Lumia 640 LTE

Windows 8.1 Update 2


Will cancel subscription as it is not worth it to only be able to use application when WIFI connected.


I have a Nokia 635 running Windows 8 (possibly). I open the app, click on an album and once in the track I want to hear, I press play. It does not play and the word loading flashes across the screen. No music plays. Has anyone any idea what to do - uninstalling and reinstalling makes no difference.

Many thanks

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I reinstall the app but didn't work, I´ve solve this problem by switching to Private Session in the settings menu.


Thanks for the suggestion Gustavo19 but it still won't work!  I'm at a loss to explain why and customer service were not helpful as they said they were aware of it but seemed unwilling to give me an idea of when this issue might be fixed.

Thanks again though!

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