Problems with firmware on Samsung Smart tv.


Problems with firmware on Samsung Smart tv.

Just downloaded the spotify app on my Samsung Smart TV EH5300 but it doesn't work. It says "The device firmware does not suppoort this application". I'm from argentina, and I got the latest firmware for my tv. Any solutions?. 


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Funciona incluso actualizando directamente desde el televisor. Por fin!!!

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I would also suggest opening a support case with Samsung, since they are the ones who make and develop the application.



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Thanks!. I will try that. 

Argentina here as well and having exactly the same problem, even with the latest device firmware installed.


I contacted spotify and Samsung and neither of them gave me a solution. Spotify says the tv model isn't compatible but I heard of people with the same tv running the app without an problems. Maybe it's a problem with the argentinian firmware, but I hope they fix it soon because Spotify is one of the best apps and the TV model is a new one and a very popular one too.


Let me know if you find how to fix it.

Same problem in Argentina.

Can somebody help?

I recommend pressing Samsung Argentina for a solution on this.

Samsun Argentina Say: contact spotify for a solution.


"Estimado Marcos, 

En relación a su consulta, le recomiendo que consulte con Spotify si necesita de algún complemento o que versión de firmware es necesaria para el televisor, de modo que si no es la que usted tiene, podamos consultar y realizar las pruebas correspondientes. 

Ante cualquier consulta, estamos a su entera disposición. 

Saludos atentamente, 

Hi all,


I am from Argentina and I have the same problem with the UN40ES6800 TV. Did anyone try to install the US Firmware version?




Hi. I'm also from Argentina having the same problem with a Samsung EH5300 smart tv. Any solution already? Thanks

Could you guys just check that you have the latest firmware installed. As far as I am aware, it is up to Samsung to make the spotify app available but I'm escalating this to get official input from Spotify.

In my case, I have just updated to the latest firmware available. Thanks

Hi Joe,


Yes, I have the last firmware available from Samsung for my TV model: 1020.1 that was released 2013.11.18. I´ve trried resintalling the Spotify App and reinstalling the Firmware without any luck.

Hi Leo. Same TV model here. Did you get it working? Latest driver is here , I've already installed it, but it seems it's not enough.


Anyone from Spotify who can specify which specific feature should be included in the firmware for Spotify App to work? I believe it's something related to the streaming method.



It seems that folk in Argentina are having issues - either the app is not available or doesn't work. I have escalated this to the Spotify team to try and find out what the issue is exactly.

Guys. I just had confirmation that the Spotify app isn't currently available in Argentina. They'll post here as soon as it is.

Hi jwylot, thanks for the update! I hope they release the app soon in Argentina. Thanks again!


Acabo de actualizar mi SmarTv y desapareció la app se Spotify que tenia instalada. Tampoco puedo volver a instalarla, aparece en búsqueda pero no es accesible. Todo indica que identificaron el inconveniente y la quitaron. Espero desarrollen una apta para Argentina!

My samsung smartv just updated its firmware and then the spotify's broken app that i used to have is not there anymore. Now you can search it but it is not available to install. So it looks like they catch the issue. I hope they will make an argentinian app for!

Guys, Samsung has just released a version 2000 of the firmware for our TV.  (


Joe, I believe the spotify app may work now, because it's not a MINOR update, it has now reached version "2".

However, the app still doesn't show up. Is there any way we can now try it ?


If not, I will definitely switch to Deezer. Their app works fine even in the previous firmware.




Hi @obisignano . I'll try to get an update from the Spotify guys and get back to you 🙂

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