Problems with firmware on Samsung Smart tv.


Problems with firmware on Samsung Smart tv.


Just downloaded the spotify app on my Samsung Smart TV EH5300 but it doesn't work. It says "The device firmware does not suppoort this application". I'm from argentina, and I got the latest firmware for my tv. Any solutions?. 

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Tambien soy de ARGENTINA, y mi Tv es el UN46EH5300G  46 pulgadas de Chile, tenia Spotify pero no funcionaba, con una actualizacion directamente me desinstalò Spotify, probare la nueva actualizacion:




Hi Osvaldo.


They're still working on it 🙂


And yes, of course you can get in touch with Spotify here. A word of advice - if you get an automated response sending you back to the community or the help pages, please reply to it to speed things up.




I got "Still no news I'm afraid. We'll let you know if this changes". Not much I can do as they won't share what's behind this with me. Sorry @obisignano 😞


Hello everyone. Spotify has launched a new version of the Samsung TV app (v1.02202, date Apr 24 2014) and I can't believe they still have the same message about the firmware version.


There are more than 10 applications that stream music on this TV model... what's the MAGIC that this Spotify app needs to work? Artificial Intelligence? Nano-Technology? It's just streaming guys! This is a bug in the code, that's been ported to the new version.


I've contacted @SpotifyCares on tweeter and also raised a service request # 01411088.


I'll keep you informed in this thread in case I have any progress.




Thanks for the update obisignano. Like you I still can't understand why Is taking so log to release a working app. 

Alguno probó instalando el firmware de us?
Es posible o generará algún conflicto con los demás servicios?


yo probé con el firmware de usa, uk, y es. no funciona porque busca una ip del país del firmware. asimismo la mayoría de los apps exclusivos de cada país.



I have a UN32EH5300 32" Smart TV.


I tried running the app with the 001016, 001020 and 2000 firmware versions, to no avail.


Is this an issue with Argentina?


I have no idea. I got tired of waiting an official response and no one replied or gave me an explanation at all. I finally cancelled my membership and swtiched to DEEZER. Dezzer works fine on Samsung T V Series E.


Same here.


It a shame that Spotify can't still solve this issue. 


Salió una nueva actualización que dice reparar este problema, todavía no lo probé, dejo el link.


Sigue igual.....


Lo probe, y funcionó!!!, usar el link para bajar el firmware nuevo.

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Funciona incluso actualizando directamente desde el televisor. Por fin!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm from México, and since the first day I have The tv, i have The same problem, and really i Don't know what to do, because The people of samsung simply can't give me a truly answer, so if anyone knows what to do, please tell us


Spotify used to work on my Samsung TV (model UA46H7000) up until recently. Now it simply hangs at Spotify's loading screen. I've tried updating both Spotify and also the TV's firmware, but to no avail. Does anybody have any previous experience ? 

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