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Problems with hearing music?!

Problems with hearing music?!

Why can't i listen to RM's Mixtape? I live in Nicaragua by the way.. I'm a premium user, i don't know what to do!? I'm really stressed and i really want to hear his music T_T Help!!

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Hey @Jazmin_Scott


I checked and it's largely unavailable for me too.


Content available on Spotify and other streaming services is managed by the artists and labels. Sometimes there are changes in licensing, distribution or other aspects, sometimes agreements can't be reached, other times there are regional restriction.

All of which may lead to greyed out or unavailable content.

The content may become available again. If you wish to know what's going on, I suggest contacting the artist to ask about it. 🙂


You might be able to find some mixtapes on their Soundcloud.


Hope this helps, have a lovely day!

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