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Profile followers tab disappearing and reappearing

Profile followers tab disappearing and reappearing


Just yesterday my former facebook made spotify account was transferred to a new spotify account of which has a regular username. While everything seems to have worked smoothly, i'm constantly being bugged by the same profile glitch since switching to the new profile. The glitch basically causes the followers tab on my profile to disappear and reappear on a random basis. Any help on this would be appreciated - I do have a feeling however that the glitch will resolve itself in due course.


Many thanks,


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Hello @chainhaven!


Have you tried re-installing the application? If not, give this a shot 🙂



I have. The same error is present on the mobile app as well

Hey @chainhaven!


Have you tried a re-install of the app?



Yes. Nothing has changed

Hmmm.. Okay


If possible, could you provide a screenshot when the issue occurs?



This is from the mobile app (bare in mind I have 52 followers)

Thanks for that. Does this happen on other devices?

Yes, also on my mac application. This has been reinstalled.

Thanks for the information.


I recommend contacting Support about this issue, you can do this via Twitter (@SpotifyCares) or on the online contact form, they can look backstage at this issue 🙂


Keep me posted!

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