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Ps4 Spotify app will not open again

Ps4 Spotify app will not open again

I have downloaded the spotify app for ps4 and was able to use it without a problem the first day. Now all of a sudden I have not been able to progress pass the spotify logo on the black screen when launching the app. I have tried un installing and re installing but nothing has changed.
24 Replies

Have you tried looking at the help articles?!/article/trouble-logging-into-spotify-ps!/article/playstation-get-started

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I have not connected my phone to my ps4 yet. The ps4 is not using wifi so I will not be able to connect and control with my phone. I am not even able to load up the log in screen.

But what do you know! It's fine now. Thanks for your time.

I know this is two weeks old but those links that were provided give no troubleshooting options at all for the problem. I have been having this issue for about a week now. When I start the app on my PS4 it either has a black screen or just shows the Spotify logo and doesn't move on from that.

I still have problems opening the app as well. I am only able to open the app successfully on the first try about 1/4 of the time I get on to play. What I find works sometimes is:

1. have the app open on my phone and try opening the app on ps4. I try different screens on the app such as opening it on the ps4 while im on the browse screen on my phone then trying to open it again on ps4 while a song its playing on my phone.
2. I also try closing spotify and then putting the ps4 into rest mode. After I wake it I open spotify.( I have only been able to open spotify immediately after this once).

The first method seems to work most of the time. Although it might be due to the ridiculous amount of times I open and close the app.

Has anyone found a permanent fix for this way? I've tried a number of methods and it seems to only pass the black logo screen 1/20 times. I usually end up opening and closing the app or restarting my PS4 numerous times before I get access to the app.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It has actually started working for me again. I don't know what I did but
it finally started working. I hope everything works itself out with anyone
else who has this problem.

Hey guys, mine has actually been like this for a month or so now with no solution what so ever. I was just wondering if anyone has found a permanent fix to this.

I've actually gotten my Spotify app to start working again.


How's you're PS4 memory? Mine was pretty much filled to the brim, so when I cleared up some space, about 20 ~ 30 gigs, it started working regularly for me.


I wasn't taking any chances of it not working on me again so I called Sony and they recommended that I turned off the system and leave it unplugged for 5 seconds, and then plug it back in. They then told me to hold the power button on my PS4 for until I heard two beeps, then choose option 4 (I think) which was to restart the PS4. This was just a few days ago but I haven't been having any problems since.


Hoped I helped!

I had the same issue. However I assume it was caused because I was using a custom DNS setting for my wifi setup on the PS4. Once I reset the DNS setting to automatic, the spotify app automatically worked again.

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue and is from Canada like me and may be using an American DNS address to gain access to American Netflix content. I should mention that I have used multiple custom DNS addresses and I only had an issue with the spotify app using my most recent one.

i still have this problem after few months.... 

Yeah the problem came back to me too. I tried everything that worked for me in the past but nothing seems to work anymore.

Just bought a brand new ps4 installed Spotify and can't get it t play tracks. Ensured no other Spotify instances are running. Re-set ps4, re-initialised ps4, re-installed app...

Nothing works. Having Spotify was one of the reasons I got the ps4, wanted it to play xmas songs:(

Really disappointed, searching the web I see this is a common issue. Looks like Spotify have stopped caring about users.

I don't get 2 beeps

That didn't work for me

You did, thank you. Restart PS4 is option 1 however, not 4.

U have gotta be dumb if u think u can load Spotify without wifi

literally changed my internet settings back to easy and they started working again 

i have that exact problem. Just that on my kids account i can open it, on my profile i cannot.. Did the steps above, which step 4 is reset settings, i did that, reinstalled, didn't work...

I don't have a fix...

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