Ps4 stuck in the loggin logo

Ps4 stuck in the loggin logo

Tried to open spotify on the ps4 but its always stuck in theloggin screen. Already tried re installing 5 times and still nothing.
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Hey there! 


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention and welcome to the Community.


Can you let us know the exact Spotify version you're using?


We'll see what we can suggest.



I have the same problem. It as been 2 weeks now.
All i get is a black screen with spotify logo.
My version is 1.01 and there are no updates.


Thanks for the info! 


We'll make sure to pass it on to the right team, so they can look into it. 


Stay tuned for any updates 🙂 


I have the same problem, can't find a solution ((((


Hey @swan_artjom788!


Can you try reinstalling Spotify on your PlaySstation? Also, can you let us know what Spotify version you're using? 


Keep us posted.




I have the same problem. The app is stuck in a loading screen (black screen with spotify logo and 3 dots).


Tried logging out of playstation network and spotify; disconnect the ps4 from power; reset router; restoring licenses; deleting and reinstaling the spotify app; i even started the ps4 in save mode and did a rebuild database. None of it worked.


Hope you can help us and find a solution.


Hey @ruimotaferreira.


Can you let us know what Spotify version you're using? 


We'll see what we can suggest.

version 1.01

Ps4 when searching for updates tells me it's the latest







Hey @ruimotaferreira


We aware of this and we're working on a solution. Hopefully, we'll have it soon,


Stay tuned for any updates.

I have the same issue described on this thread.
I just want to add an information: although it does not move forward from the Spotify logo, I can play music using/syncing with my Android app...


Hi @striconight!


Have you tried reinstalling the app? If so, let us know the information we asked above and we'll pass this on to the right team.


Keep us posted.




Hi there.

I'm having the same exact problem and already tried all the options listed on this forum's topic about PS4 play issues (shutting off, deleting, reinstalling...).

I'm running the latest version (or so it says) and the only way to play Spotify on my PS4 is through my iPad app. Even so, I have to do everything on the iPad, since even if I am connected through Spotify Connect, I cannot open the Spotify app on the PS4 (although it is running...).




Same problem here also, any fix for this soon? 



I have tried everything and nothing is working, im paying for premium so I would like a fix to this ps4 issue please. ive reset my ps4, uninstalled the app and reinstalled, updated the app and it still is not working, it only works if I connect my phone to the ps4. why wont the app open on my ps4?


Same problem here, just started happening a week or two ago, can't seem to fix it. Have been using Spotify on my PS4 for almost a year without trouble...

My spotify tels me it is conected to a PSN account ent i didint do it help

I got the same problem now sinds version 2.0 is out for ps4 i have tryed reinstalling ps4 safe mode everthing but nothings so can You Guys fix the problem


When I selected one of the "more from spotify" options in the ps4 menu bar I got this message: "Error connecting to Spotify" Please try again later. I then closed the app and started it again with success. 


Hope this helps.



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