Ps4 stuck in the loggin logo

Ps4 stuck in the loggin logo

Tried to open spotify on the ps4 but its always stuck in theloggin screen. Already tried re installing 5 times and still nothing.
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Hi just experienced this issue today. Have never had a problem on my PS4, now the app will not load. Just get a black screen. Have tried reinstalling. Version 2.05, the latest version (so it tells me).


Is there a solution? as I have found nothing that has worked.


Ps4 app is on the latest version. I can connect and play through my playstation but app still showing me the black screen with logo and a message that says "Error. Failed to connect with Playstation Network"(something like that. I ve trued everything and found out that i cant even link my spotify account to ps4. It just wont link. I cancelled my premium because of that because it sounds so simple to fix and yet impossible to even find the issue!


Seeing this issue when trying to start the PS4 app; latest version - but the Spotify loading screen (with the 3 white dots) just cycles endlessly.


What is the solution?


I'm getting the same issue since I updated to latest. Worked prior to update.  


Since Version 1.01 people are reporting about this! Get your app fixed! People out here, payin for nothing! 


I'm having the same issue as well! Started after the update. Worked fine before that. 


stuck on this screen, help.

spotify loading screen.jpg

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