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(Ps4) will not play music

(Ps4) will not play music

The music will not play it will just run the clock to 3 seconds then go back to zero. Sometimes it won’t work at all when I try to play other times I have to click play 15-20 times. Please help it’s super frustrating!

premium/single account








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Hey @Itsrealydabber,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


In this case, we'd recommend reinstalling the Spotify app on your PS4. To do it, just highlight Spotify in the content launcher or library. Hove over Spotify and press the OPTIONS button > Delete.

Once you've done that, try unlinking and then linking Spotify and your PS4 account by checking the details in this article.


If the above doesn't do the trick, is this happening if you change the internet connection you're using? Is this happening over WiFi? Ethernet? Both? If possible, you can create a hotspot on your phone and connect your PS4 to it to see if you notice any difference. Give it a try, and let us know if changing the connection makes any difference.


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Well I’ve tried everything now that I’ve remembered to do so and I still run Into the problem multiple times daily. As I type this post I can’t listen on my ps4 

Hey @Itsrealydabber,


Thank you for keeping in contact. 

We appreciate the info you shared in your response. However, we need more details to continue investigating this issue. Since the troubleshooting could be different depending on the type of connection, could you confirm if you're using an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection? 

Also, it would be great if you could have someone log in with their account on your PS4—such as a friend or a family member, to see if the issue persists. This will help us understand if it could be account-related or not.

Lastly, do you remember if the issue started after an app update or an OS update? 

We'll be on the lookout.

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I’m on WiFi I got no one else to sign In I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled I’ve deleted the data thats saved on the ps4, it really makes me angry that this happens I’ll just come home after a long day and come to sit down and listen to music and play games just to be more frustrated when my music does not play, sometimes it plays and then stops after 1 song. I’ve connected to my mobile hotspot same thing happens. As I type right now I’m mad enough to come here and try all of this stuff. FIX YOUR APP ITS NOT FAULT THIS IS HAPPENING! It’s a problem I DEAL WITH EVERY DAY, I will not be paying for premium services anymore this is ridiculous. 

Hi @Itsrealydabber


Thanks for getting back to us. 


You mentioned that you couldn't ask anyone else to log in with a different account, but no worries, you can create a new account here to try with. This way we can rule out if the issue is account-related. 


We understand this is frustrating, however there could be multiple things causing this so in order for us to have a better understanding of what's going on we're suggesting this troubleshooting since we'd like to help. 


If the issue happens with the new account as well, could you send us the exact model/year, current firmware and the amount of available space of the console?


We'll be waiting for your reply. 

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randomly, only on my playstation, after an ad or song finishes my spotify stops and in order to make it start again i have to restart the whole playstation

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