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Quality issues Windows 10 phone app

Quality issues Windows 10 phone app

Maybe this will be duplicate post. It errored out when submitting.


Many issues with Spotify app for Win 10 phone. Most important for me:


- Unable to play some playlists, for instance "Hits idag" by Spotify. Crashes the app. Everytime. Applies to other lists as well.


- Connectivity issues over bluetooth in car, fails to start playing at times. Nothing happens when pressing play or shuffle. Other apps and phone calls works so there's nothing wrong with the connection. To resolve, restart app multiple times, restart phone multiple times. Get annoyed. Not something you want to do when driving.


- All songs are at 0:01 on the display. Does not change. Ever.


There are other issues as well, but to me the first two are the most important. Third is an annoyance. On top of that there are a lot of features missing, phone not showing up in devices for instance, not possible to remote control etc etc.


App version 5.2.4, Windows has the latest update (10.0.14393.576), no insider just regular releases.

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