Question about playlists


Question about playlists

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So, I recently exceeded my playlist on Spotify. Now, I want to continue this playlist in a second part. Now here is where my problem lies: I don't want to have the same tracks from the first one be on the second one. I wish there was a way to "Skip Duplicates". Is there a way?

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Hey @Itsspicyt, help's arrived. 


Don't think there's any way to make that rule to skip duplicates on an empty playlist. You can always create a new playlist 2, copy all the content from Playlist 1 to Playlist 2 (ctrl + a to copy all songs), and then add the songs you want to add to Playlist 2. This will warn you about any duplicates you're adding, but you will have to keep the old songs in Playlist 2 until you fill it up, and then remove the old songs, so this this option may not be optimal. 


Other than that, if you have an idea such as this that you think others would appreciate, feel free to submit it so other people can vote an contribute to the discussion. 


All the best! 🙂