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Quitting Spotify for Apple Music

Quitting Spotify for Apple Music

The Neil Young kerfuffle is the last straw for me with Spotify. The service STILL doesn't play well with Apple products (Spotify's fault), so I'm happy to switch to Apple Music. Ciao!

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I came here to voice my support for Neil Young's stance.  Platforms have a responsibility to cease a behavior or relationship when they know its harming people.  I once enjoyed Rogan's podcast - understanding fully that he's making his living at times being counter culture.  This latest ridiculousness is harmful and lacks integrity.  I've heard his explanations and the bottom-line is that his self-aggrandizing and profiteering and conspiracy fanning is causing real harm to people and our society.  Spotify is pocketing the profits while giving him access to their customers doing it.  It needs to stop.  There's a higher law than the laws of the United States - it's an ethical call to do good, to not harm people, and to take responsibility for one's actions.  Spotify - we're looking at you. 

Yes I agree.  Choose misinformation over a seasoned performer.  I am not an apple fan so we will look at google music or amazon music. Yes we have free speech but that also comes with responsibility.

Agree! Ban Joe Rogan now! Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! I am a paying subscriber and if you don't remove him I will leave. 

"Choose misinformation over a seasoned performer?" Really??? How about "Keep politics out of art?" Or better yet - "Ignore Seasoned Performers,' when they try to bully their fans into complying with their personal and subjective opinions?"

The misinformation comes from our government, not Joe Rogan…

Exactly, this is why you don't vote.

👋 who the f are you?

Hope Spotify will remember, Neil Young don't need them around, anyhow.


And neither do I

Apple Music isn't as good.  I've had the family plan for over a year since I cancelled my Spotify after they brought Rogan on.  I would go back in a heartbeat if they changed their position.  The playlists on Spotify are hands-down better than Apple and it's music suggestions are much better.  I really liked Spotify for music discovery and I tend to just listen to the same thing over and over on Apple Music.  I can't wait until they drop this pompous **bleep** and I can use the platform with a clear conscience.

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