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Radio Feature Broken.

Radio Feature Broken.

Buyer Beware, even if this is a free service. With the new prompted install/upgrade- their Radio feature no longer works functionally. When you play their Radio, and pick a genera, it plays the same songs in sequence over and over. No variety mix. Same 20 plus songs. From my contact with Spotify, this feature will not be repaired anytime soon. Just an F.Y.I Spotify listeners.

2 Replies

Hey @Beccaflowers7 thanks for coming to the Community with your query. We'd like to get a bit more feedback on you Radio issue, do you mind answering these questions for us?


1. Could tell us the genre you picked?

2. Your device and the device's operating system

3. The Spotify app version installed

4. About the time of day you played the Radio station


You say the same songs in a sequence, about how many different songs are you getting? 


The more information we have the better, thanks @Beccaflowers7 

I was playing the 70's and 80's.  Then I checked the other genres too.  They "all" repeat the same songs in an order of sequence, over & over.  The same 20 to 30 songs.  This occurred after the most recent install via Spotify,  


Pretty much my whole Spotify became a mess.  Not just the repeats.   Other issue(s) too.  Removal of Date Added feature is now gone.  Library feature us gone.  Unable to collaborate on 2 of my playlists.  Yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled my Spotify.  The Spotify team even deleted my old account, and made a new.  All the same issues.  I have done a CC cleaning, etc. etc, etc…..  I can assure you; this is not on my end.  It’s now going on, ummm, 3 weeks??


  1. Could tell us the genre you picked?  -See above
  2. Your device and the device's operating system- Desk Top and Laptop.  As far as operation system.  This does not apply, since I never had this issue until the latest install
  3. The Spotify app version installed-  The must current.
  4. About the time of day you played the Radio station- 24/7


I hope this helps.  Thank you much!  Gratefully appreciated!

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