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Radio not appearing in web player

Radio not appearing in web player

Tried to play spotify from the web player (since I can't get the desktop app to work, but that's another post) and there is no "radio" button anymore... I can see playlists, and search artists etc. but there is no "play radio" option on the artists either. I can play the radio on my phone and have it stream through the web player, but I cannot view my radio stations or radio playlist in the web player. I've attached a screenshot of what my page looks like. 


I used the same bookmark as I always have to get to the player and nothing else has changed on my computer or browser etc.


(Note: Reposting in the correct spot, can't figure out how to delete other post in wrong area.)

Spotify Screenshot.jpg
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Hey there! I am sorry you are having issues 😞

Could you please check if ? It's got more features than 😄 is where I have been going to, I also tried typing it in directly. It immediately redirects to

Hmmm that is weird! I kept checking the address and never was redirected 😧

I'll keep looking for info about it. Sorry 😞

For reference, I have cleared all my cookies/history/etc. I did this again today, and when I signed it it briefly showed the normal player page with radio visible and then quickly redirected to again... anyone have any ideas? what is the purpose of the open.spotify page?


I just spoke with a few teammates, Spotify has noticed this and is working under the hood to find a fix for it. We are deeply sorry for it.

My best suggestion for you is to either use as it is or download Spotify client!

Once again, sorry and we are looking into it! Thanks for the feedback!


Have a nice day ;D

Assuming by "spotify client" you mean the desktop app... I would love for that to be able to solve my issues, but I've been unable to sign in on the desktop app ever. Tried sporadically for the last year or so... I have an open discussion about that as well with no useful feedback.

I am deeply sorry for your struggles. I'll try to see what I can do for you.


Just checked your post and it seems you are having error code 2 right? Please stop by this support section and come back if a new error jumped or still same issue. Make sure you have an active connection and try different browsers

The only time I get the error 2 is when I try to use my device username and password to sign in... I don't know that you can sign in using this method. My spotify account is linked through facebook and when I try to "sign in using facebook" it opens the browser window to sign in, closes the browser window, and nothing further happens. 

Please uninstall Spotify, then go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local and C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming and make sure there are no Spotify folders remaining.

Once done, head to and log-in with your facebook, then to Account>Set Device Password. This way you'll set a new one and try logging in with your password and user id number!


Once done, reinstall Spotify!

Let's hope for the best!

Still got an Error 2 after doing the above.

Please check this post and come back if you still have the same issue.

Hopefully it will work.


Have a nice day!

Tried to follow that post... There are no proxy settings present for me to copy when I follow those instructions.


Hello! Sorry for not replying back for over a week! Got caught up with work, university and... Well other threads 😞


Please, try


Also, I didn't read that you've tried the Full Spotify Package Installer... Have you?


If I follow the link you provided it redirects to "" and just has a page saying "Sorry, couldn't find that"


I have tried the full installer, had the same issue, and cannot follow the instructions given to change the proxy settings because none are present on my computer. 

Have you tried incognito mode for opening

I've posted a possible workaround in this section. It is for Chrome users, so if you don't have it, please attempt downloading Chrome to see if it works (or maybe you don't need it!).


Sorry! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon 😞

this works for me if I view it as IE10... thanks for the workaround... still ridiculous that this hasn't been solved... 

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