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Radio replaying songs

Radio replaying songs

When I play the radio the same songs come up over and over again. Only the more well known songs play and those are the ones that repeatedly come up. I would prefer to listen to some songs that aren't ones that I hear on a daily basis that I despise because they are pretitive because I've heard them so many times. Is there any way to chage this?

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Unfortunately not, and others have reported too radio has gotten worse lately:

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This happens to me a lot, the "same bunch" of songs plays again and again when I use the radio option. By "same bunch" I mean that there are some very specific songs (more than 10) that I can recognize they play every time I use the radio option. 


I've stop using it since i found out that it doesn't use the playlist tracks to play the radio, i proved it like this: selected the "start radio from playlist" on a playlist that had about 5-6 songs, then some sort of songs played and that was ok. But after some time (likely months after) that same playlist had about 50 songs now, and when I selected again the "radio from playlist" option, the SAME bunch of songs started playing, I started skipping songs but it just kept throwing me the same songs than the last time i used radio. 


This is very frustrating, the radio option should be a very good way to discover music based on the music you want a hear in that moment (similar to the one in the playlist you've selected for instance). 

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