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Random PS4 Connected to my account

Random PS4 Connected to my account

Just today I noticed that a random PS4 had connected to my account

I DO NOT OWN A PS4, I've looked around for answers, found 0 solutions, I've tried creating an account on PSN and connecting it with my spotify, but OBVIOUSLY this didn't remove the other PS4....

Please don't just refer me to another thread that tells me to link a PSN account with Spotify, this does NOTHING

I've reset my passwords (both spotify and facebook), logged all devices out (which does nothing for PS4...) and its still there

Is there actually no solution for this? If so, is there an email at spotify that I can actually contact to GET A PERSON and not a bot, to help me?

I can confirm every detail related to my account, but I WANT to unlink it from the PS4, and not just random stuff that seem to be everywhere that solve nothing

Sorry for the passive aggressiveness, but this issue seems to be wide spread and there arent any public solutions.

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Let me add to this post by saying that, in fact, there are now 3 more PS4s.... EVEN after me resetting my passwords WITH a passwords scrambler.....



So this is clearly not a momentary bug, in fact, one of these devices is Spotify Connected....

Hey @grandmen123,


It's possible to stream music from your Spotify account to a PlayStation on your network. Do you think it's possible there is people with a PlayStation on your network?


Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

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