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Random Songs Throughout All Playlists Grayed Out

Random Songs Throughout All Playlists Grayed Out

I've had Spotify premium since 2009, but I've never ran into this issue and people have had similar problems, but I can't quite get close to what's going on here. This morning I woke up and random songs have been greyed out and unplayable on both of my computers and my phone. I contacted customer support and they just cleared my offline devices leaving me to download thousands of songs in which I could still see the "unavailable" ones that magically appeared over night. These are not local synced songs by the way. I can go to the search and stream them just fine but these 100+ songs would take hours to rebuild my library. Does anyone have experience on this? I've had this service for so long, but at this point I feel the effort put in to fix it is the same amount to just merge everything to a new a platform. (This isn't the first issue I've had with Spotify's flakey apps.) Thanks for any help or advice someone may be able to give.







(Samsung Galaxy 9+)

Operating System

(Windows 10)


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