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Random artists being unfollowed and Discover list playing same songs

Random artists being unfollowed and Discover list playing same songs

So, second thread here after moderators decided to delete the first without even an attempt to answer the issue 😕


Some of my artists keep getting unfollowed. Why? Happens randomly and when I notice, I'm no longer following certain artists.


I refollow only to find out later that some other artist has been unfollowed.

I use lastfm to track all my music and artists as it's a much more reliable service and that's how I notice certain artists I was listening months ago no longer appear as following.


Also why is it that my discover playlist had artists that I know for ages and been listening for years? Example, Theatre of Tragedy is one of my all time favourite bands and I listen to their catalogue quite often. And yet, the "Discover" playlist recommended me a song from them I have hear countless times.... 😕


Cheers for the answer that is probably not coming or for the random probing questions that help in no form whatsoeverwhat

1 Reply

Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We understand that artists you follow are being unfollowed. Could you let us know on which of your devices this happens?  If you could also let us know which O.S. version you are running on these devices, that'd be great.


Try a quick reinstallation in the meanwhile as it might help. You can read here how.


Looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day!

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