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Random artists falsely featuring other artists

Random artists falsely featuring other artists

I noticed a few months ago that an artists had added XXXTENTACION as a feature in one of there songs ''Noy Prisayahn'', as I quite often check the Appears On section on artists I enjoy to check for new songs I may have missed. Confused by the low effort thumbnail art, I listened to the song and realised there was no feature of said artist in this song. I reported the artists who made the fake feature, and moved on. Recently today I checked again and turns out there is 3 others doing the same thing. These artists either sampled some of XXX's songs or didn't make any reference at all. It's obvious as to why these people are doing this as the songs are getting way more listens than any of their other content. Wondering if there is/will be a fix for this, because its incredibly misleading.

fake artists.PNG
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As I would like to know the repercussions and consequences of doing this.

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