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Random devices interrupting my music with the same song

Random devices interrupting my music with the same song






(iPhone 7/MacBook Pro 2017

Operating System:

IOS 13


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Lately when I’ve been trying to use spotify it gets relentlessly interrupted by multiple random devices within minutes, all playing the same song. Yesterday it was Victoria who first interrupted me playing Shirinbae, then she was interrupted by Mabel playing the same song, then Eve, then Kiari, then tens of other names kept interrupting each other. There are also albums and songs in my recently played that I have not played and songs were liked that i never liked. I changed my password but weird things keep happening, have I been hacked?

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Hello @jennywelsh30,


Thanks for getting in touch! No worries, we'll help so your account stays safe.


If you think someone might be messing with your account, be sure to change both your Spotify password and your Facebook password. Then, log out everywhere on your Spotify account page and your Facebook profile.


If this didn't help, or it did but your account has been messed with, take a look at this article. There you'll find additional help 🙂


Hope this will solve the issue! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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