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Random pausing and skipping of tracks when listening over Sonos Play 3

Random pausing and skipping of tracks when listening over Sonos Play 3






iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPad, Macbook Pro Mid 2012

Operating System

iOS 1.12.1, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6


My Question or Issue


I have no problem listening to music directly over my iOS products or with wireless earphones from Jaybird or Zennheiser or my Ultimate Ears speaker BUT as soon as I try to listen to Spotify over my SONOS Play 3 WIFI Speakers tracks pause randomly or are being skipped. This started a couple of weeks ago with the last software update of the Spotify App and is extremly frustrating especially around this time of the year when the whole family want´s to enjoy the holidays and music is a big part of the whole deal! We were patient and hoping for a fix before Christmas. Dissapointingly this is not the case and we will change the service if this ist not going to be fixed soon.

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Hey @TJTroelss.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Find out if there is a firmware update available for your speaker. Try to unplug your router and speaker from the power and do a quick reinstallation of the app on your mobile device. Plug the router and receiver back in the meanwhile and see if that fixes the issue.


If it didn't, could you please try to stream with a different account, for example from a friend or family member? That way we can find out if the issue is related to your account or with the speaker.


Hope the reboot and reinstallation solves the issue though. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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