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Random songs and playlists have been saved without my knowing?

Random songs and playlists have been saved without my knowing?






Samsung J7 and ASUS ZenBook (2019)

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Fully updated android, Windows 10

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Though my experience with Spotify has been rather pleasant thus far, I have recently begun experiencing some rather strange issues regarding saved playlists and songs. To preface this, I have never EVER shared any of my passwords or account names with ANYONE nor have I linked up with any apps outside of Spotify and my PS4!! Just a week ago while I was out with some friends I checked Spotify to find around a dozen or so Latin American songs saved to my "Liked Songs" playlist along with a playlist of several other Latin pieces. This was a bit strange at the time since I rarely listen to Latin music and so I simply deleted the songs and playlist thinking little of the event. Fast forward to today and I find six more saved playlists, an abundant number of newly saved songs, and a new device that my desktop app simply titled "Chrome Web Player" had picked up that was playing some song I had never heard of ON MY ACCOUNT. I obviously panicked and deleted the playlists once more and switched devices back to my own. The only playlist title I wrote down was "2019 list Mellow" by aundrearoberge99. I love using Spotify but if this continues I will likely have to drop the service... I AM EXTREMELY CONCERNED!! ANY SOLUTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


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Update: Just got yet another playlist about 10 minutes ago. This one's called "Bad Day Help" by Hans Young. I already logged out of all my open accounts however this problem contiunues nonetheless...

I have attached screenshots of the newly liked songs and yet ANOTHER playlist.

Screenshot (49).png
Screenshot (50).png

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