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Random songs interrupt my playlists

Random songs interrupt my playlists






LG G3  AND personal laptop (up to date, relativly new)

Operating System


Phone- Android 6.0

Computer- Windows 10 

My Question or Issue

 So I recently have experienced a very annoying and frustrating problem: My spotify will randomly play tracks from locations and artists I've never heard of. On top of that, Spotify does this no matter what device I listen on. It started as I was driving home from work and in the middle of the song I was listening too, the music cut out and a completely different track started playing. I switched back to my playlist and once again, less than 2 minutes later, the same playlist randomly started in the middle of a song. It eventually got to the point where the playlist would start about every 20 seconds. I restarted the app once I got home and my phone as well. 


But it doesn't end there... 


As I was listening on my computer, the same problem began to occur, this time from a completely different playlist. Just like before, I tried restarting my computer and Spotify, but to no avail. On top of that, if I had Spotify open at all, even with music paused, this playlist would randomly start playing. 


I would like to point out that no one else shares my spotify account and I am a premium member, so I'm not just getting recomended songs. I have read about this problem happening on smart speakers a couple of times, but never across multiple devices. Frankly, this is ruining my listening experience.

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Hey @budyfish, help's here.


It does actually sound like your account is logged in somewhere else. We first suggest that you reset your password, and then log out everywhere (option found on your account page). 


Then, check out this help article to secure your account. Make sure to go through it all as there's important information there.


Hope that helps!

I am having a similar issue and this does not help. I have logged out of all my devices and removed all the apps connected to Spotify. This issue still occurs.

Hey @Krwnk,


Thanks for posting here.


If you've noticed unexpected changes on your Spotify account, we'd suggest you give these steps a go.


If this persists, you can get in touch with our support team through the contact form mentioned in the article. The folks there can check your account and give you more information about it.


If you have questions, the Community is here for you.


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Your app must be glitches because this is happening to me. None of those fixes are working. Changed my password. Removed other devices from my account and it's RANDOMLY PLAYING SONGS. Even when I've stopped the song. It automatically starts playing AGAIN. Yes. I changed my password. Yes. I've removed all from my account and even Uninstalled it from my phone but it's STILL DOING IT. 

Hey @alishasalazar,


Thanks for the reply.


In such a case we advise you to contact a customer support representative for further help on securing your account. You can find out how to do that on this page


Hope this helps,



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This is happening to me but some music from people I have never listened to plays after every podcast episode 

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