Randomly connects to spotify web player

Randomly connects to spotify web player


My spotfity on both my laptop and my iphone randomly switch from playing on the device to playing on web player. I have never used the web player and the music it plays is from a random playlist I have never heard. 

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I have the same problem. It's the 3rd time in two days now that it has switched to the Web Player (which by the way I have never ever used). I thought my account has been hacked but it did so even after changing password.


I have been using Spotify for about a year now and it has never happen before. It is a new bug.


I am using the latest version of the player on my Android device and the latest version of the player software on my desktop.




I have had the same problem for a few weeks now. It will stop my music and play a playlist of songs I've never heard and it's from web player which I've never even used.


Same here, just randomly stops playing my music and connects to web player, no solution yet


Why the heck has Spotify not reached out yet this os the worst.  

It stopped for few weeks. I thought it was fixed. But then yesterday it did
it twice again.


Any luck? This annoying the **bleep** out of me.


Having the same issue really confused me why it's happing 


Got the same problem. It started a few days ago I think.

It occurs to me when I pause a song I was previously listening to, then it starts some song that is apparently played on the web player. I haven't used that thing before, also the songs that are being played appear to be some pop songs that I really have no interest in. Annyoing as f**k.




Still going on and **bleep**ty Spotify still doesn't care happen 8 times in less then a half hour..  Guess I'm going back to Google play 


Still no fix, I listen to music at work and I really don't have time to keep switching back to what I was originally listening to. Annoying as **bleep**. Time to subscribe to Apple Music


This is happening to me as well how do we fix it I'm annoyed it keeps changing my playlist


Still no fix, not even a sign of acknowledgement.... this is just awful.


For some reason it usually starts with that despacito song. Is Spotify trying to push that song though abuse of unsuspecting, perhaps idle, users?


What the **bleep** is going on people?


Same problem here. Happens multiple times a day on my iPhone and Mac Pro. I don't use the web player either.


Very disruptive while working and now my music suggestions are just awful since it plays random stuff I would never listen to. I used to really enjoy my discover weekly playlist. Really disappointing this hasn't been addressed and fixed. 


Despacito over and over. Full volume too! 

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