Raspotify suddenly give no sounds/music (but shows it's playing)

Raspotify suddenly give no sounds/music (but shows it's playing)







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For the past couple of days/week I have been unable to play anything from Spotify while using Raspotify (Spotify Connect?) to connect to my Raspberry Pi. I am able to connect to the Raspotify just fine, and the song name is even shown on the display and playing, however I don’t hear any sound.

It did work for months on two separate Raspberry PI’s (did buy a second one as it was working great). But again since some days it does not work anymore, both Raspberry/Raspotify instances doing the same.

I have already done all the usual troubleshooting steps. Even till reinstalling Raspotify on my devices and all other steps. I used the You Tube install video from maketecheasier.

Hope someone can help with this issue as I would very much like to continue using RASPOTIFY/ SPOTIFY.

Thanks in Advance, Maurice.

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Same here


Hey folks,

We got an information that with the latest updates, the expected Connect functionalities should've been restored.
If in doubts, it's always good idea to :
1) do a clean reinstall (link here)
2) log out > restart the device > log back in.
This way you'll be sure you've cleared all possible cached data that can get in the way of the app and also that you're rocking the latest version of the app.
Since Raspberry Pi is not an officially supported operating system by Spotify we can't promise that all functionalities would work as expected. 

Hope this helps. 


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I found a solution by adding /etc/hosts a row with

Thanks to Ronnie 🙂 sees topic


Thank you so much. I was checking my setup and network and everything for hours.

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