Rattling sounds with Bluetooth headset


Rattling sounds with Bluetooth headset








Xiaomi 4 Prime (Android 6), Lenovo T540p (Windows 10)

Headset: Anker Soundcore Life P2

Spotify Version




My Question or Issue

When I listen with Spotify some types of tracks, mostly Drum and Bass, my Bluetooth headset does such an awful rattling noise constantly.

To exclude hardware issue I tried to check Spotify on laptop - no change.


The problem doesn't not appear when I listen the same track on Youtube for example. Also I tried to listen the same track using different Android device on other streaming platform and there was no issue with that. In other sound sources than Spotify app I don't hear any problems with sound.


I recorded two examples of how it sound using the same track starting from the same position. Normal one from Youtube and one with the problem from Spotify. I was using a laptop to play and a phone to record.


The quality of the records is not so good to clearly hear the problem, but believe me when I listen the music with my headset in my ears it's impossible to stand that sharp rattling noise which happens to appear while listening. This is not happening when I use wire headset with any of the devices.


So it looks like an issue in conjunction of Spotify and my Bluetooth headset and since using Youtube as a source of music issue disappear I can conclude it's a solely Spotify issue.


Track I was using for the example: Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Power of the Future

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