Re: Airport Express Not In Spotify Devices Menu

Re: Airport Express Not In Spotify Devices Menu


 Hi @Maria_B


I trying to use Connect Devices through Spotify. One of the options was previously the Apple TV speakers but now that option has disappeared. I can still connect to Apple TV speaker through iTunes as previously but not Spotify. Why did that device disappear? Same problem on iMac and iPhone - it's as though Spotify has lost the ability to find all speakers. It's very annoying not being able to isolate Spotify music within Spotify - using Airplay is not a good option.


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My situation is slightly different.  I have no problem flipping between Airport Express (connected to my stereo speakers) and my iPhone. But the Mac version of the Spotify app cannot see the Airport Express.  The Mac can see and use the Airport Express in iTunes. The only time the Mac version of Spotify detects another devices is when I am controlling the tunes with my iPhone (Listening thru the Iphone speaker or the Airport Express-connected speakers).  So, that's useless.  I want to be able to see the Airport Express on Spotify when the iPhone is not around.  


Is this a limitiation related to the Mac download only?

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