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Re: Spotify keeps playing hidden songs

Re: Spotify keeps playing hidden songs

I keep my Spotify app updated on my Pixel 7. 


Initially, blocked artists began playing when I listened on my phone through Android Auto. Now, blocked artists are playing on the desktop.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I remove the blocked artists from my playlists when I can. But, of course, I listen to playlist that I haven't created. 


I would really like to not provide any support to the artists I have blocked, even if it's just a play here and there. 

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Hey @BethnyNayNay 👋


I've moved your post to a separate thread, as your issue seems slightly different than the one reported in the other thread you originally posted in.


If I understand you correctly, artists you've blocked via the Don't play this artist option in the mobile app are still being played on the desktop app. Are you able to consistently reproduce this issue? Does it occur with specific artists or even with all new artists you block? Does it affect only specific playlists/albums/radios/Autoplay-generated queues? A couple of screenshots / screen recordings which show this behavior in action would be greatly appreciated - that way we can get a clear idea of what's happening on your end.


Keep us posted. Cheers!

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