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Re: Sqeezebox -not all songs working! Who is responsible?

Re: Sqeezebox -not all songs working! Who is responsible?

Still no answer? I´m totally frustrated because i bought squeezebox touch only because it´s able to use spotify as promised. Now it´s only working with half of the songs shown.

I think this is an error and should be recogniced by the developer team.

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and it seems it´s getting more and more worse ;( . Now no. 1 in the swedish charts Euphoria is no longer playing.

I agree this needs sorting out.  After a search you get multiple copies of an album.  Only 1 of them will play but there's no way of telling which.  It's very fustrating having to try 4 or 5 before you get the right one.  Sometimes none of them will play.


The ones that don't play (I think it's a region thing) need to be filtered out.


I've seen many threads about this.  Spotify say it's a Squeezebox problem and Squeezebox blames the Spotify API. 


The two companies need to talk to each other and sort it out.  At the moment the Spotify app on squeezebox is very poor which doesn't reflect well on Spitify dispite who's 'fault' is actually is.



This is most interesting.  I've noticed the reliability of the service varies massively with the firmware update to the Squeezebox.


For example, the previous version wasn't that bad, but the current one is woeful.


That said, the availability of songs is incredibly frustrating.


For example, I create a song list using the NOW application and save into the playlist.


It works and plays absolutely fine (on Mac, iPhone, iPad), but when I play the same playlist on my Squeezebox it doesn't work.


By doesn't work, I mean it will be playing the first few tracks in the playlist fine, and then will will freeze on the next track.  By freeze I mean it displays the song and the artwork, but the progress bar doesn't move (and doesn't show 0:00 with a dot either)'s like it's trying to load the song.


PS I forgot to say thtat due to the fact that I'm using the same ID (and it uses the ID to determine regionality) for the Squeezebox, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc, means that this is nothing to do with the song not being available within region (like you get with the search feature on squeezebox - which says "song not available in your region").


This is more fundamental than that.  It's as if the Squeezebox doesn't support (or has a problem) with some of the encoding on the files....I can give specific examples of files that play ok on the Mac, but not on the Squeezebox.


If I exit the Spotify app (and sometimes restart the Squeezebox) it occassionally fixes the problem, but rarely.


Very annoying.


I just combined your posts together, in case it looks a little weird.

Airhorn Enthusiast

I have the exact same problem. 

I have the same problems recently

Even songs that did play fine, now don't work anymore on my squeezeboxes. No problem playing them on my pc.


Lets hope that this topic puts some pressure on the developers.



Install Squeezebox server on your PC, laptop or server and install the Triode plugin. It is a 3rd party Spotify client and WAY BETTER than the official one. (

Thanks for bringing this to our attention michabessems! 


It's not as easy to install/setup but now I have it working it really is excellent.  It only shows songs/albums I can actually play and even has the related artists function. This is what the official app should have been.



I got the same problem that accelerated about two months ago.

Got in contact with Spotify support that after going through the normal suggestions - reboot device , firmware upgrade, change to low-bit playback etc gave nothing. The support then adviced to check with Logitech since they had no further advice.


Logitech gave the same suggestions and after testing them once again it ended with them suggesting contacting Spotify support!


This is very anoying especially that the support teams of Logitech and Spotify don't get together to sort things out. Right now this is a loose-loose situation.



Maybe someone could get the problem fixed instead of merging posts so it doesn't look so bad.

Also they need to remove all the albums that are not availabile in the specific region in order for this app to be useable, I have switched to WiMP because if this but would like to return to Spotify once this gets fixed

I just want to +1 here.


I too am fed up with the Spotify App on my Squeezebox Touch.  Why does it list 5+ of the same album?  You have to test them out to find out which one actually plays, if any...  The Spotify App on Windows works beautifully (e.g. filtering, etc).  Why can't this be replicated on my Squeezebox Touch?  Am currently contemplating ditching Spotify because of this.

You can vote on the bug report to indicate that you think it's important:

You can vote by clicking the vote link next to "Importance" at the bug report I linked to

I have a squuezebox touch and a squeezebox radio. can't say i'm happy with either.


the touch will play then stop after a random song. no clue as to why. quite often i need to loginto the wifi before it will start. internet radio still works.


i'm thinking of changing to s samsung galaxy tablet. the touch sucks.


(added: i'm in spain. possibly complicating licensing issues)

I have this same problem with the Squeezebox Radio and Touch on the New Releases menu. I have the latest firmware loaded on these devices. I see only one entry for a title but when I select it, I get the region error message.


I contacted both Logitech and Spotify. Neither was able to help. I informed both that I was dropping my Spotify subscription. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if this is a Logitech problem. Spotify is the loser here. If they can help Logitech get their device working, they need to do that.

Hi !


Does this plugin works with the "Touch"



Regards ...



Same problem here, sometimes à few numbers sometimes more and then it freeze,(squeezebox radio) Logitech or spotify Please help this is not funny

I am gonna drop spotify if you dont fix this!

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