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Re: Sqeezebox -not all songs working! Who is responsible?

Re: Sqeezebox -not all songs working! Who is responsible?

Still no answer? I´m totally frustrated because i bought squeezebox touch only because it´s able to use spotify as promised. Now it´s only working with half of the songs shown.

I think this is an error and should be recogniced by the developer team.

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Holy who the what now?


I'm trying to use music legally, and my God darn squeezebox says I can't play music because it's not approved in my region?


Even though I'm in God-darn California, and I'm trying to listen to Smile by Brian Wilson, who is, like, totally from California.


**bleep** you guys. I'm pirating everything from now on. And I'm a 37 year old dude with 2 kids.


You guys are **bleep**ing doomed.

I Will quit My sportify account and start à WIMP account instead.WIMP dosen't have tjis problem

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