Re-Uploading a Song in a New Album and Keeping Play Count

Re-Uploading a Song in a New Album and Keeping Play Count


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Hey guys, I just have a question regarding re-releasing a track. So I have a single currently out on my profile, but in about 2 months from now I am going to release an EP which include the said song, just with a different master settings to compliment the other songs. I use Distrokid as my distributor have read similar articles about keeping play count by putting the same IRSC when re-releasing, but the EP I am going to release is going to be distributed through a record label. I am not sure how to go through with it, do I just pass my label the IRSC I currently have for the song so they can submit the correct metadata and I can delete the single from my distrokid once the two identical songs link and the play count transfer? I am not sure what to do because the EP release will not go through Distrokid, hopefully someone can answer my question. Thank you.

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Hey @suisei,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question here!


Considering the info you shared with us, it seems that you're going to release your new EP through a label, meaning you're not going to do this as an independent artist and that the label itself will handle the distribution process.


In this case, the safest and most effective option would be to have your label/management reach out to the Spotify for Artists support by the contact form you'll see here


They should be able to find a way about how this can be handled.


Hope you'll find this useful. Let us know if we can help with anything else and good luck with your new release 🙂

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