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Re-arrange playlist??

Re-arrange playlist??

I would like to re-arrange a playlist I created (I am on a free 30 day trial) . I have attempted on my Android , ipad, macbook and PC.  None of the suggestions I have previously read seem to work. Can ANYONE out there help?  This is so FRUSTRATING! If I can't re-arrange the songs in my specified order, there is NO WAY I will be continuing once the trial is up.

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Hey hey @laurastraka9,


You should be able to rearrange the songs within a playlist on the Spotify Desktop Apps (macOS and Windows). Check out this helpful Knowledge Base article for some possible reasons why you can't rearrange them.


Let me know if you're still having troubles and I'll see what we can do!




I have the same problem.. Im a premium user and i cant move the last song to the first on playlist directly on android.. But i can rearrange the same using iphone or mac.. 


any thoughts?

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