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Recently Played artists won't refresh

Recently Played artists won't refresh

About 5 days ago, I noticed that the recently played artists section on my profile stopped updating, and has been stuck with the same lineup of artists for a few days now. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the software on my phone. The problem happens both on the phone and on the compuer. Anybody else have this problem or know how I can fix it? Recently played artists is one of my favorite features on Spotify
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My recently played artists have been updating both on the PC Spotify app and my Android Spotify app. The recently played on the Spotify desktop apps is not real time, usually takes a couple of days or a few log outs and back ins a few times for this to updated from each listening session. The Android Spotify apps are a little more real time and usually show within a few minutes of what you listened to recently, and from where content was played from be it playlists or an album pages.


Can you list what systems and Spotify app versions this is happening with? Are you premium or an ad supported user?

Hi, I am a premium user and I use version 5.5.0 on the phone and I believe version on the computer


I've been having the same problem for days now.  I am also a premium user and use the same desktop version listed above.  I've uninstalled and re-installed it about six times now.  The updates or refreshes to my recently played artists lists (and the people I follow) have not been working for days. 


This has happened before--in the other (long-running) threads on the subject of this issue, people have traded ideas about reinstall-signout-restart-cache-clearing combinations of steps over the years, and everyone has varying results, until Spotify just fixes whatever broke during the last version rollout or tweak it has done, and everyone walks away until the next time it happens. 


I just wish this platform worked more reliably.  I'm tired of this happening several times a year.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times too... Sorry this is happening to you, it sucks but at least you aren't alone 

same thing happening to me for almost a week now... 😕

Hey guys! 


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.


Can you let us know the devices, operating system and Spotify version where this is happening? Also, can you try to reinstall the app following these steps:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify/


If this doesn't work, can you let us know if you use offline mode on the app frecuently? 


Keep us posted.

@gnovella16 hi, Thank you for your help... I have reinstalled multiple times on both of my devices. The problem is happening on my iphone 6s with iOS 9.3.1 and spotify version I do use offline mode rather frequently.

Thanks @mkayl.


Just to make sure, does it happen on any other devices you use? Also, can you try to use a different account and check if the issue persists? 


We'll see what else we can suggest.

i use spotify on my laptop (asus with windows 10) and my spotify version is i never use offline mode because i have a free account, not a premium account. i did what you said, unistalled and installed it, it's still the same version, and i still have the same recently played artists... i's also like that on my android smartphone, and i think it happens to every user that i check. i don't know what to do 😛

@gnovella16 hi, the issue also happens on spotify version on my macbook pro with OS X Yosemite, version 10.10.5. The issue only happens on my account.

Thank you

@mkayl @1164181599


This is a know issue.


You can stay updated by following the issue here:

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